Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Too Blessed to Be Stressed: Inspiration for Climbing Out of Life's Stress-Pool
by Debora Coty

Author Website:

Available in paperback and Kindle. Barbour Books, 2011; ISBN: 1616263466; 224 pages.

Too Blessed to Be Stressed is perfect for women today. Everyone has more and more to do and less and less time to breathe. Our schedules are overcrowded and our days never long enough. In fact, you probably are thinking of all the things you should be doing rather than reading this blog! Let me make this quick and simple.

You want Debora Coty’s book because:
  1. It’s cute!
    Okay, so “cute” isn’t a #1 reason to buy a book, but it does make a difference. The small size and colorful pages make me want to pick it up and fill my mind and heart with the great insights held within.
  2. It’s packed with biblically-sound advice, loads of Scripture and fun quotes from all sorts of people.
  3. Short, manageable chapters.
    Always less than five pages. You can read a chapter while cooking dinner or waiting in line at the store. Back to the “cute” point, this book fits nicely in any purse. ;)
  4. Practical tips from someone who knows.
    Think your life is nuts? Check out this author’s bio: speaker, author, piano teacher, orthopedic occupational therapist, writing instructor, tennis enthusiast, wife, mother and pet owner. Yup. She understands stress. Better: she shares in this book how we can deal with it in healthy, God-honoring ways.
  5. It’s very, very funny.
    Funny doesn’t seem to wrap it up. Witty seems too lofty. Just read it. I loved it.
Final Thoughts: This is great little shot-in-the-arm of inspiration. I'll likely read it more than once.

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