Thursday, March 17, 2011

Growing with Purpose: Connecting with God Every Day
by Jon Walker

Available in hardback or Kindle format. Zondervan, 2009; ISBN: 0310292131; 400 pages.

This book is designed similarly to most Christian devotionals. Each page contains a short passage of Scripture followed by a story and prayer or application prompt. If you're a new believer, this is a wonderful tool. It offers a format and simplicity conducive to building strong habits of spiritual discipline. In other words, it helps you be in the Bible every day. It encourages you to think about God, His Word and how that applies to you and your life.

Final Thoughts: There is nothing glaringly wrong with this book. Neither, in my opinion, is there anything obviously extraordinary about this book -- except that the author has worked closely with Rick Warren; however, that says more about his associations than his writing or content. It's a good book! It's just like dozens of other devotionals already on the market.


Robin Norgren said...

I am searching for a devotion to compliment the morning coffee time on those days when little one gets up a bit earlier than expected. This might be worth a look.

Tanya said...

Robin: I've reviewed a number of good devotionals on here. Any of them would be a nice choice! Here's a link to view all at once: Devotionals