Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mothers of the Bible Speak to Mothers of Today
by Kathi Macias
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Available hardback. New Hope Publishers, 2009; ISBN: 1596692154; 256 pages.

In this book the author combines her personal, conversational style with thoroughly researched information to provide stunning portraits of biblical moms. The emphasis is on what these women can teach us today. Each chapter concludes with a “Something to Think About” section of questions and space to journal, as well as a prayer. Readers also enjoy quotes about motherhood from a wide spectrum of people, historical and contemporary, famous and not.

“Who’s included?” Rather than just listing names or chapters, the author actually includes a descriptive paragraph with each listing on the Contents page. I think it’s fabulous. Right off the bat, from the very first pages, she makes the stories of these ancient women relevant to us centuries - even millenia later. I can’t share all of this with you, but I can give you an example.

Rizpah: Grief-Stricken yet Faithful — Can there be anything more painful to a parent than the death of a child? In addition to the agony, losing a child to death seems to be out of the natural order. Yet, from the beginning, mothers have endured this tragedy, which can result in additional problems: divorce, financial difficulties, and even a loss of faith in God. Yet God sees and cares.

In addition to this chapter readers will discover:

* Eve: Without a Role Model
* Sarah: Mother of Nations
* Rebekah: Playing Favorites
* Rachel and Leah: Competing Through Their Children
* Jochobed: The Greatest Sacrifice
* Hannah: Woman of Prayer, Gratitude and Integrity
* Bathsheba: Redemption and Restoration
* The Widow of Zarephath: Generous to the End
* Elizabeth: A Willing Sacrifice
* The Canaanite Woman: Persevering in Prayer
* Salome: Catching the Eternal Vision
* Eunice and Lois: Passing the Torch
* The Proverbs 31 Woman: A Woman for All Seasons
* Mary: In a Class by Herself

Throughout these chapters readers learn about women who have faced infertility, adultery, death or exile of children, death of husbands, public ridicule and scorn and even the little things we all face on a daily basis: wanting our kids to love God, to be their best, to be better than the rest; personal feelings of insecurity or ignorance; isolation. These women were under-appreciated and overworked, just like mothers today.

My only complaint about this book (extremely minor) is the decoration on the pages. The publisher included green scrolls and flowers behind the text on every single page. It seems an unnecessary expense.

Final Thoughts: This is a great book, one I recommend and one I'll reference again and again.

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