Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More Grilled to Perfection
by Chris Knight

Available in paperback. McArthur & Company Publishing, Ltd., 2008; ISBN: 1552786404; 233 pages.

If you enjoy the cooking show License to Grill, you'll enjoy this cookbook, one of several written by the show's host. Everything I've tried in it has been fantastic. The author/host's style shows through his writing, but better yet: each recipe is saturated with flavor. Most people believe their grills are only for burgers and steaks. This author makes it clear the grill can do much more than that: beef, yes, but also lamb, exquisite veggie dishes, chicken, duck, seafood -- even salads! There is also a chapter on sauces and rubs.

The diversity extends beyond recipes to techniques, including smoking, steaming and more. The instructions are clear and easy to follow, making this a great resource for beginning and experienced cooks.

My only complaint: Some pictures show multiple dishes, but only offer one recipe. For example, a strawberry salad is shown with a chicken dish, but no reference is made of the side-dish. I'd like to know how to make both. Or at least where I can find the recipe.

Final Thoughts: I highly recommend this cookbook. Well worth the investment!

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