Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Book Whisperer
by Donalyn Miller
Author Website: Teacher Magazine: The Book Whisperer

Available in paperback. Jossey-Bass, 2009; ISBN: 0470372273; 240 pages.

The average American reads less than 5 books a year. I want better than that. I LOVE to read and want my kids to share this same passion.

This book, based on the work of one teacher and blogger, shares a tried-and-true method to help kids learn to love books. Each year in her fifth-grade class every student reads at least 40 books, some as many as 75. Every year. Do you want to see your children or students reading at that volume? Or even a fraction of it? Get this book. The author presents her methods through comprehensible text, charts and case studies. Unlike most educational texts, this book is thoroughly interesting and a quick read.

Even parents (whether they homeschool or not) will find this information inspiring. In fact, I think anyone who loves books would find her studies fascinating. I really liked reading the success stories: sections of the book that detail individual cases of kids going from non-readers, some even learning disabled, to passionate book devourers. This text is filled with hope.

Final Thoughts: A great book. Highly recommended.

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