Tuesday, July 17, 2007

SuperMom Has Left the Building: Being a Proverbs 31 Woman in a 21st Century World

by Judith Edwards

Available in paperback. New Hope Publishers, 2004; ISBN: 1563097729; 176 pages.
What woman hasn't been intimidated by Proverbs 31? In today's world, who is free from the pressures of needing to do it all and do it perfectly? In this book, Judith Edwards takes a personal look at this super-woman verse by verse. In candid voice and with great humor, she encourages and challenges women to re-evaluate our understanding of what God expects from us. It's not about doing everything. It's not about being the best or having the cleanest house. It's about our relationship with Him and how we overflow that relationship to those around us. Using personal stories of her life as a wife, mother and missionary, she relieves the pressures of trying to be SuperMom and the guilt from not meeting what we think society and God demand.
This is an excellent book of encouragement and edification. The chapters are short making them easy to digest. Her teachings are biblically accurate. Within just the first few pages, I felt I had made a new friend. That friend carried me through to a new, more positive view of self and responsibility.
Final thoughts: Definitely RECOMMENDED.

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