Monday, July 23, 2007

Secure in God's Embrace: Living as the Father's Adopted Child

by Ken Fong

Available in paperback. InterVarsity Press, 2003; ISBN: 0830823719; 132 pages.

Ken Fong is a pastor in LA, a noted conference speaker and a pioneer in multi-ethnic ministry, specifically among Asians. He is also an adoptive father. It is the last of these credentials that lends such personal authenticity to this book.

In candid and personal style, the author weaves his personal story with Biblical and historical truths to detail the doctrine of adoption. The result is an undeniable view of God's choice to love His children, those who believe in His Son, Jesus. It's a beautiful reality, one offering freedom and peace. It is well written and an easy read.

My sister was adopted from Korea at the age of three, three years before I was born. Because of this, the doctrine of adoption has never been a difficult concept for me, but Mr. Fong does an amazing job making this spiritual truth tangible. My favorite part is the details of Roman adoption as it was when Paul wrote his letters. It was much more than just accepting a stranger into your family. It was about cancelling debts and freely giving an inheritance, regardless of age or merit. It is a perfect illustration of God's love.

Final Thoughts: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. While it may seem "academic" in parts, this is a foundational doctrine to salvation and intimacy with God the Father. Every Christian should read this book.

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