Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Life-Ready Woman: Thriving in a Do-It-All World

By Shaunti Felhahn & Robert Lewis

Available in paperback and eBook versions. B&H Books, 2011; ISBN: 1433671123; 272 pages.

(This review was originally written and posted on my main blog 24 February 2011.)

I have to admit: when I started this book, I didn’t like it. The first few pages smelled of feminine empowerment and sexual superiority. While I believe in sexual equality, I do not believe in sexual sameness. Men and women were created differently on purpose and it is to our greatest advantage to invest and rejoice in those differing strengths. So, I was nervous. “Here comes another feminist who wants me to roar and run over my man.” But being familiar with FamilyLife (an organization promoting this book), I kept reading.

As I got past the first few pages, I was delighted to discover this author seeks to uphold God’s truths while affirming the wonderful position women have in our culture and time in history. Even better: She seeks to view our position in this post-modern world through the lens of God’s unchanging Word. We have unrecognizable freedom when compared with our foremothers and oppressed sisters in other countries. It is our privilege to seize that freedom and use it for God’s glory.

But how do we balance that freedom with the call to be wives, mothers, and more? How do we juggle housekeeping with jobs and soccer schedules and piano lessons and personal ambitions? Not to mention marriages and in-laws and neighbors and ministry and a healthy, growing relationship with God? That’s what this book is about.

Sure, we can do it all, but will we do it all well? What sacrifices are made when we spread ourselves so thin? And are those sacrifices worth it?

The Life Ready Woman equips readers to be deliberate with our choices so that we can live the fulfilling lives God intended for us without guilt or regret. The further I got into this book, the more valuable I found it. In fact I plan to enthusiastically recommend it and the accompanying video series for an upcoming study through our church.

Final Thoughts: If you're struggling to balance all that you feel you need to do, you need to read this book. I know you think you don't have time, but trust me. It will help.

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