Monday, April 19, 2010

The Grammar Devotional
by Mignon Fogarty
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Available in paperback. Holt Books, 2009; ISBN: 0805091653; 235 pages.

Become a better writer one day at a time. Just like a spiritual devotional, this book offers short, daily readings, usually just half a page. The book is organized by generic weeks so you’re not restricted by a calendar. Rather, you can start wherever and whenever you want.

The author’s love of language comes through in her content which spans from practical tips and rules to history, trivia, and games. Usually punctuation is on Mondays, Language Rock Stars on Wednesdays, quizzes and word scrambles on Fridays, word searches and puzzles on Sundays. Simple line illustrations add dry humor to the book.

The included index allows readers to search for specific content making this an valuable reference book as well.

Final Thoughts: I love it! This book offers an excellent (and easy) way to keep your mind sharp without drudging through long, boring exercises and seemingly irrelevant rules. We often forget what we once knew. This little book serves as a welcome reminder.

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