Monday, January 18, 2010

Stretch Marks
by Kimberly Stuart
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Available in paperback and Kindle. David C. Cook, 2009; ISBN: 0781448921; 304 pages.

Mia and her mother, Babs, could not differ more. Mia dresses retro, cares about the energy crisis, goes to yoga religiously and lives a pure vegetarian lifestyle in Chicago. Her mother, while morally conservative, sports plastic surgery, works as a social director on a Caribbean cruise ship and is passionate about steak. They drive each other crazy!

But when Mia gets pregnant, her live-in freeloader boyfriend jumps ship. Actually, he kinda slithers off into the night. Babs to the rescue. She drops everything and moves into Mia’s apartment building to “help.” Can anything can bring these opposites together? The promise of a new baby, one they both already adore, may be their only hope.

Delightful characters fill this book! From Frankie, the librarian with technicolor hair (Mia’s best friend), to Silas, the mysterious gentleman who lives downstairs, and Adam, the hottie who runs the local grocery store. Each contributes their own charm to the story.

Consistent with the author's style, this book is subtly infused with inspiration. It is witty, intelligent and funny, all while being perfectly authentic -- the opposite of preachy.

You’ll love it — I promise.

And so does the publisher. If you don’t like the book, you can send it to them under their “Good Read Guarantee!”

Final Thoughts: Kimberly Stuart's books are like chocolate: take one bite and you'll need another. I can't get enough!

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