Friday, May 8, 2009

Healing Waters
by Nancy Rue and Stephen Aterburn
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Available in paperback or Kindle. Thomas Nelson, 2008; ISBN: 1595544313; 400 pages.

The second in the Sullivan Crisp series, Healing Waters was named 2009 Novel of the Year by Women of Faith. And for good reason: this book boasts fully developed, relateable characters and authentic drama. I did not read the first book, so I can't tell you much about the series as a whole. This volume, however, was steeped in drama and very well written.

What if Joel Osteen had a sibling in the shadows? That's kind of what this book is like. The main character is the sister living in the shadow of her prosperity-gospel-preaching sister. Contrasts abound between these siblings. Drama peppers the plot: a near-death plane crash, marital dischord, addictions, arrogance, suicide, revenge, entitlement and pride. The author entwines these experiences with one woman's journey toward understanding her self-worth. While few of can fully relate to the protagonist's life, we can all relate to her struggle to find her place in the world. The faith and truth revealed here are relevant to all of us.

Final Thoughts: A great read. A contemplative read. A book that sticks with readers long after turning the last page. I definitely recommend it.Those with backgrounds in psychology or counseling will especially enjoy it.

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