Friday, January 23, 2009

The Baby Fat Diet

by Monica Bearden and Shara Aaron

Available in paperback. Alpha, 2008; ISBN: 1592577970; 240 pages.

I received The Baby Fat Diet through The Blog Tour Spot and decided to implement a few of the strategies even before finishing the book. I lost 3 pounds in one week. I know three pounds doesn’t sound like a lot, but it is the first time in a long time that my weight has gone down and stayed down. Weight fluctuates from day to day, but this decrease, while just a start, has remained.

So, what’s in the book? Who wrote it and what’s it about? Monica Bearden and Shara Aaron, both moms, both registered dieticians, wrote the book together. They understand the hectic schedules of moms and they understand the need for regular doses of chocolate. Isn’t that great?

Great information floods this book. I can’t possibly cover it all; you’ll have to grab your own copy, but here are a few of my favorite inclusions.

  • When to buy organic vs. when the label is more expensive than it’s worth
  • The difference between hunger and appetite, knowing when to eat
  • Portion control, knowing how much to eat
  • How to tell a fad diet from an authentic, healthy diet
  • How to read labels and know what you’re really getting
  • How to tell real health foods from “healthy” marketing tricks
  • Tips for maintaining a balanced diet
  • Ways to excercise with little ones under foot

There really is a ton of great stuff in here! From BMI charts and calorie suggestions to recipes, shopping lists, menus and more.

Like I said, I didn’t follow all the suggestions. I haven’t even finished reading the book, but what I have read makes tremendous sense and fits into my life. I can’t reconfigure my life around a weight-loss program, but I can control my portions. I can choose a healthy, delicious snack instead of a bag of chips. I can eat slower. I can dance with the kids and run around instead of popping in a video. These are easy steps. They’re small steps. And they’re making a difference.

Final Thoughts: A very helpful book. I definitely recommend it.

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