Monday, March 10, 2008

Arms of Deliverance

by Tricia Goyer
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Available in paperback. Moody Publishers, 2006; ISBN: 0802415563; 350 pages.

Having read several books about World War II, I doubted this would have much new to offer. Happily, I was wrong.

This book is actually the fourth and final in the author's WW2 Liberator's Series. It takes place in 1944 and invites readers into two areas of the time seldom discussed: aryanization and Lebensborn. Lebensborn was a breeding program the Third Reich used to create the "perfect" race. Meanwhile, the resistance would hide Aryan-looking Jews in plain sight. The juxtoposition of these two objectives intertwine in this novel.

Readers follow four main characters whose lives eventually intersect: a Christian pilot from Missouri; two female reporters from NYC (same town, but different sides of the tracks); and a Jewess hiding behind her false identity as a German nanny and mistress to an SS officer.

The characters are unique and interesting; the plot intriguing. My only complaint is with the cliche ending. All the loose ends were tied up a little too quickly and perfectly for my taste.

Final Thoughts: An educational way to pass the time. A good introduction to a new author.

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Kristina said...

Tanya, Tricia is a fine author. In this series, I really really like "From Dust and Ashes" (about the liberation of a death camp) and "Night Song" (about some musicians caught in a death camp). Great reads and very moving.