Sunday, July 15, 2007

Organizing Magic: 40 Days to a Well-Ordered Home and Life

by Sandra Felton

Available in paperback. Revell, 2006; ISBN: 0800730992; 208 pages.

This should actually be "40 STEPS to Well-Ordered Home and Life." I love the idea of becoming Martha Stewart in less than two months, but, unfortunately, it took me six months to get through the book. (I wanted to implement each chapter before moving on to the next.) And I'm still not Martha Stewart.

This is a great book! The author offers practical and sound advice for behavioral change. It's not a book of "put this here and buy this organizing tool." Rather it is a collection of tiny steps to help people change their behavior toward more organized living. The author doesn't want to give people cleaning schedules; she wants to help people maintain clean and organized homes by encouraging clean and organized habits. The book design is colorful (quite feminine, but I'm a woman, so I didn't mind too much) and easy to read. Sidebars and shoutouts are prevalent. The chapters are short making it perfectly bite-sized reading.

Final Thoughts: Definitely RECOMMENDED.

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