Friday, May 4, 2007

Safely Home

by Randy Alcorn

Available in hardcover, paperback and audiobook. Tyndale House Publishers, 2003; ISBN: 0842359915; 416 pages

This novel is different from any other I've ever read. It is completely character-driven, almost lacking a plot.

Readers follow two men, former roommates at Harvard. After a twenty-year separation Ben Fielding and Li Quan are reunited. Ben, who led Quan to Christ in college, is now a business success who doesn't believe in God anymore. In fact, the opening chapter finds him persecuting his own cousin for being too christian. Quan, meanwhile, is now a leader in the underground church of China. The contrasts in lifestyles and character keep readers intriqued and turning pages. The author, who has authored several books on the afterlife, offers engaging perspectives on Heaven and Hell while revealing truths of the persecuted church.

All proceeds from this novel and Ron DiCianni's painting of the same name (featured in the front of the book) will benefit Christians in persecuted areas.

Final Thoughts: VERY GOOD. I recommend this book for anyone seeking a renewed appreciation of religious freedoms or a greater understanding of the persecuted church.

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